What to Do In Lake Tahoe

There may be times that you do not want to hang out with family and friends the entire time that you are in town. What if you are not into all of the outdoor physical activities? What other things could you possibly get into in Lake Tahoe that does not involve snow or skis?

Car and Gondola Rides

Enjoy a wonderful cable car ride at Squaw Valley where you can be dropped off at High Camp to enjoy a nice lunch on the deck and take in the sights. You can choose from several different restaurants over the length of your stay and enjoy simple ice skating or swimming while your friends ski.

Take some time to look into a gondola right and check out the local views while enjoying a drink on the 14,000 square feet deck.  There are plenty of seats and things to eat or drink while you are there. Consider a quiet walk down the mountain after enjoying a latte at Cafe’ Blue. Maybe you can enjoy a nice meal at the restaurant as well and just take in the sights of others on the slopes learning or skiing.

Go See a Movie

There are plenty of movie theaters to choose from that will not only entertain you but others who may not want to ski or do other physical activities. The kids may want to see a good movie as well. North Shore Theaters offers single and double screens and in Tahoe City, there is Cobblestone Cinema with the latest movies on offer for your viewing pleasure.

Along the southern shore you will find more movie theaters lining the blocks as well. Heavenly Village houses ten screens and has validated parking on the parking deck. There are eight movies being played inside the fabulous Horizon Casino and it also offers valet parking for the moving goers.

Take A Lake Drive

Spend time slowing it down by going for a lovely drive around Lake Tahoe. Take time to pack a lunch or grab one from one of the many fabulous Lake Tahoe restaurants and hop in a vehicle and drive! When road conditions are nice it can take up to two hours to drive around the entire like so make a day of it. Stop and have a nice picnic with your packed lunch, take the time enjoy Emerald Bay and see the lakefront shops as well.

Check Out Local Art

If you enjoy looking or purchasing local art, then check out the local artists’ paintings, sculptures, jewelry and photography. There are long known galleries such as Gallery Keoki with bronze horses, James Harold Galleries near Tahoe City, photography gallery Jon Paul Gallery in South Lake as well. There are many ways to enjoy the art and take some of it home with you as well.

Snowmobile tours

Lake Tahoe Adventures offers a private playing track that can be found in Meyers (located just five minutes from the South Lake Tahoe area) and it also offers daily tours that are suitable for all skill levels to the area of Hope Valley. Private tours complete with picnics are also available – ask the tour operator for more details.

Take a tour with the Zephyr Cove center of Snowmobiles located out of Spooner Summit.  Convenient to all shore guests, this tour will take you on lake trails and there is a free shuttle system as well.

If you are just taking a snowmobile ride near Lake Tahoe, choose Eagle Ridge Snowmobile Tours. This tour will take on the tour trails north of the Truckee area.


If you enjoy the casual drink and tasting sport that comes along with it, you will enjoy Bacchua and Venus located in downtown Truckee. They are open from 12pm until 7pm daily. You get a chance to taste a variety of amazing California wines. Swish around wonderful beers with witty names like Donner Party Porter at Fifty Fifty Brewing Company.

There is a wine bar that is open daily offering wines as well as beer at Uncorked located at Squaw Valley. Complete with cheese plates, live music and a chance to meet the wine maker gatherings on weekends.

Ice skating

Enjoy outdoor ice rinks located around Lake Tahoe’s Resorts. There are year round ice rinks at North Star Village or Olympic Ice Pavilion located at Squaw’s High Camp. There is regulation size hockey rink that is inside and opens all year round as well. You will not have to worry about purchasing skates as there is skate rental available.


As you can see there is much more to see and do in Lake Tahoe if skiing and snowboarding is not your thing.