Lake Tahoe gives both visitors and locals an array of outdoor delights, beautiful scenery, amazing weather and exciting recreational activities. Nowadays there is a growing consensus of wanting to return the favors of the Lake by opting to go green. One really big way that visitors to Lake Tahoe can help with going green is by stepping out of their cars. Using alternative means of transport can be rewarding in the fact that it’s cheaper as well as being more environmentally friendly to Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas.


While riding in a car some of the wonderful views that Lake Tahoe has to offer can creep up on you fast. Sometimes by the time you are close enough in the car to see a majestic piece of scenery you have already passed it without having the time to soak it all in. Another disadvantage with cars is that you may find that some of the more popular tourist spots parking areas get really crowded; this can mean that you have to move elsewhere. The solution to this problem is easy switch from the car to a bike. Being able to stop and take in all of the wonderful scenery that Lake Tahoe has to offer is much easier on a bike as well as the added advantage of never having to worry about parking spaces or the risk of parking tickets.

Riding a bike while on your visit to Lake Tahoe can also save you a good deal of money , is a good source of exercise and the best bonus of all you are helping to keep the environment healthy. There are often a number of road construction sites in and around the Lake every summer, making the decision of choosing a bike over your car a smarter option.

Bike Trails

There are various trails in and around Lake Tahoe that are ideal for biking. Strap on your helmet, pack your water bottle and grab your camera and you can make a 30 minute trip from Incline Village – Sand Harbor. The trail is an almost continuous bike path stretching for 9 miles along Lake Tahoe’s beautiful west shore offering some of the most beautiful scenic views of the Lake between Homewood and the City of Tahoe.

Another more family friendly bike trail can be found on the South Shore. Beginning just to the North Of the “Y” this trail will take you past the historic Camp Richardson while also allowing easy access to some of the areas beaches. For the more adventurous bikers then there is the Tahoe Rim trail, this trail offers the opportunity of mountain biking on over half of its 165 miles.

The East Shore of Lake Tahoe offers bikers the Flume Trail. This trail offers amazing views of Lake Tahoe from above sand Harbor. The trail begins with a very long uphill; there is a shuttle service that is available in the summer which can be used to eliminate some of the hard work. Not got your own bike? Not a problem there are plenty of Lake Tahoe rental vendors that will rent you a bike at competitive rates, a full day’s rental usually costs around $30. You can rent a bike from numerous different locations around the lake.


When you know that the nickname of Lake Tahoe is “Big blue” then it should come as no surprise that boating is big here. There are large number of Lake Tahoe Boat rental vendors all offering a range of boats, jet skis and other water vehicles. Boat rental can be a little costly at around $700 for the day, but smaller boats are available at the much more comfortable price of around $200. Boats are not the only way to take to the water while visiting Lake Tahoe; you can also rent paddleboards and Kayaks from Lake Tahoe rentals for around $80 a day. As well as equipment rentals there are also a number of Lake Tahoe boat tour operators where you can sit back and relax while getting a guided tour of the lakes wonderful scenery.

Trolley and Bus

While not the most glamorous way to travel around Lake Tahoe, Public transport can be a great way of eliminating one of the biggest pains of lake Tahoe during the summer, driving. Bluego run the public transport in and around the south shore of Lake Tahoe and Tahoe Areatransit operate the buses that can be found in and around the north shore.