If you visit Lake Tahoe you simply can’t miss one of the newest attractions to the area: “The Amphibious Duck Tours”. The tours are carried out using two second World War amphibious vehicles. They hold up 24 passengers and start with a cruise over land before they enter the water for 30 minutes of water cruising for a grand total of 75 to 90 minutes. During the tour the captain will explain the history of the lake and other places worth mentioning. Furthermore co-owners Captain Randy Woods and Shawn Kearney assure us that the vehicles are properly cleaned and do not contaminate the water or harm the fish. Kearney stated that they only use lubricants that are food based and the vehicles are washed every morning.

Take a Relaxing Tour of the Lake

The truth is that there’s nothing like a relaxing tour on the lake especially if you just arrived on holiday and want to fully separate yourself from the problems back home. The scenic ride is available for all ages and if you have children they would surely be happy to ride the waters in one of the amphibious ducks.

People all over the world come just to take The Amphibious Duck Tour to ride in one of those vehicles. Other people find the wildlife in the water astonishing and in the same time they are amazed at how some fish that are not normally native to the area can live in the Tahoe keys such as the goldfish and blue gill.

Others just find the Eurasian water milfoil interesting and like to hold them, make necklaces and even put them on their head.

Kearney say that after explaining the situation on the tour he is glad that he is sending people home that might spread the word about Tahoe and helping to keep it clean.

Worldwide Attraction

The Amphibious Duck Tours on Lake Tahoe are usually opened between May and mid-October and Shawn Kearney and Captain Randy Woods say that their actually expecting more people to come from all over the world in order to ride the amphibious ducks. They say that there are people from Germany, Australia and China that already arrived.

Many tourists ask about the amphibious vehicles and their history in order to know what their roles were before becoming tourist attractions.

One thing is clear and that is the fact that the amphibious ducks are not retired but actually spreading the word about the tour and bringing more and more visitors.