If you are planning a trip to Lake Tahoe and you are also taking your dog with you then you will be pleased to know that the area has a number of fantastic beaches and parks for you to enjoy. One of the biggest problems faced by pet owners when on vacation is that there are a lot of places that do not allow dogs or pets of any kind. Fortunately Lake Tahoe has a number of beaches and parks where dogs are allowed. Below you will find information on some of these pet friendly beaches and parks that you can enjoy during your stay at Lake Tahoe.

Bijou Dog Park

Located in South Lake Tahoe this wonderful dog park (off-leash) is surrounded by grassy fields and beautiful tall trees. The park is separated into two sections by a fence one section for smaller dogs and the other for larger breeds for your dog’s safety. Whilst enjoying your day at the park you are responsible for keeping your dog safe and picking up any waste that your dog leaves.

Coon Street Beach

Located in North Lake Tahoe, Coon Street beach is one of the more popular dog beaches in the area; you will find plenty of places to take a picnic as well as barbecue spots and well maintained restrooms.

Kiva Beach

You will find Kiva Beach in South Lake Tahoe just off Highway 89. The beach is the ideal place to for your dog to take a swim.

Nevada Beach

Located in South Lake Tahoe, there is area of this huge beach that is designated for dogs and their owners. The beach offers plenty of restrooms, disabled access and barbecue spots.

Whilst enjoying your stay in Lake Tahoe you may also consider checking out the annual Bark festival where pets and their owners come together and you can enjoy great music as well as fine wine. There are pet contests held as well for owners to show off their furry friends.