Summertime at Lake Tahoe sees thousands of people flock to the region to enjoy the summer sun on one of the Lakes beautiful sandy beaches. No matter where you stay in the area you will always be close to at least one beach; in fact many of the Lake Tahoe hotels are all within easy travelling distance of some of these fantastic  stretches of sand. Below you will find a list of beaches that can be found in the South Shore region of Lake Tahoe.

Baldwin Beach

Located just four miles to the north of the intersection of Highway 50 and route 89, this beautiful beach has some of the best picnic areas that can be found and it has all of the other amenities such as rest rooms and BBQ spots. There is a parking fee in place at the beach.

El Dorado Beach

You will find the beautiful El Dorado Beach between Lakeview Avenue and Rufus Allen Boulevard in the heart of South Lake Tahoe. The beach offers some stunning views of the lake and has excellent amenities including BBQ spots, a boat launch as well as picnic areas.

Eagle Creek Beach

A one mile hike from the base of Emerald bay will get you to the eagle creek beach, the beach shares a home with the historic Vikingsholm and offers some fantastic scenic views, excellent picnic areas and rest rooms and other amenities.

Fallen Leaf Lake

Located just of the state route 89 at fallen leaf road you will find this beautiful little beach. Some of the highlights that the beach offers include fallen leaf lodge, BBQ spots, excellent picnic areas and the usual restrooms and amenities.

Kiva Beach

Situated just 2.5 miles to north of the intersection on highway 50 and highway 89 this beach offers some fantastic BBQ spots, picnic facilities and restrooms.

Nevada Beach

Located just off the Highway 50 at Elk point round which is by Round hill you will find Nevada Beach. Some highlights include restrooms, picnic facilities and BBQ spots.

Pope Beach

Just 2 miles to the north of the highway 50 and highway 89 intersections sits pope beach. If you are travelling to the beach by car please note there is a parking fee in place. Some highlights include scenic views, well maintained restrooms, picnic areas and BBQ spots.

Regan Beach

Located off Sacramento Avenue and Lakeview Avenue in the southern region of Lake Tahoe, you will find Regan beach. There are no dogs allowed on Regan Beach at any time, the area offers playgrounds, restrooms, food concessions and great picnic areas.

Spooner Lake

Just off highway 28 and Highway 50 you will find the beautiful Spooner Lake. The area offers access to some of the finest State Parks in the area, BBQ spots, restrooms, picnic areas, hiking trails as well as the beautiful lake itself.

Timber Cove

Nestled behind the timber cove lodge just off highway 50 sits timber cove, enjoy access to the nearby Marina, some excellent picnic areas as well all the usual restrooms and amenities.

Zephyr Cove Beach

Zephyr cove can be found on Highway 50, the beach offers BBQ spots, food, rentals, Cruises on the MS Dixie II and well maintained restrooms. There is a parking fee in force at the beach.