While there are plenty of bike trails dotted around Lake Tahoe they aren’t the only way to enjoy some of the areas by bike. Why not jump on your bike take a trip from Squaw Valley into Tahoe city. This is a perfect casual ride that is suitable for any bike enthusiast as well as families looking for a scenic ride. Making the trip to Tahoe City from Squaw Valley is a healthy and cheap way to enjoy a half day in the sun.

The Route

Your trip begins in the village of Squaw valley where you will be able to get a cup of coffee before you head out as well as some snacks for the ride. From Squaw Valley the ride is all uphill although not to steep. The grade along the ride is only minimal making this ride ideal for casual riders and families. Once you get to Tahoe City you will finds that you have two options you can either head south on to highway 89 towards Homewood or you can head north east on to highway 28.

If you find yourself with energy to spare then you can head south along highway 28 with a few deviations to McKinney Bay. You should be aware though there are a few sections of this journey that may require you to ride along the hard shoulder of the highway.

If you want to spend the whole day cycling then from Tahoe City you can head northeast to Highway 89 for around a distance of 10 miles until you reach Kings Beach. From there you can then make another 12 mile trip north along highway 267 to Truckee. Then to finish off your day you can head back up the Highway 89 for another 11 miles back to your starting point at Squaw Valley. This entire loop covers the distance of approximately 50 miles and is certain to work up an appetite.