Lake Tahoe’s world class ski resorts are one of the biggest attractions of the area, they are responsible for thousands of snowboarders and skiers flocking to the area every single year. If you are travelling to the area for a skiing or snowboarding adventure then staying at one of the Lake Tahoe hotels is definitely the way to go. Many of the larger Lake Tahoe ski resorts have their own hotel. You may find that staying at a Lake Tahoe hotel located at one of the ski resorts also saves you money as they very often do package deals where you can save money on equipment rental.

Lake Tahoe offers a variety of different types of skiing spread over the all of the resorts, one of the more popular types of skiing is cross country. The best place in Lake Tahoe to experience cross country skiing is without a doubt the State park at Sugar Pine Point.

Sugar Pine Point

The state park at sugar pine point has four fantastic cross country trails that are suitable for beginners as well as more serious skiing adventurers. The trails wind through beautiful forest views, wide open meadows, an historic estate, and ancient steam paths. The park boasts over twenty kilometers of skiing trails that are all clearly marked as well as a luxurious heated restroom at the campground. There is a daily parking fee of $6 unless you are the owner of a California state park pass, the cross country ski trails are all free to use.

If you are visiting the park between January and March then you can attend a weekend presentation on a variety of winter themed topics such as winter wildlife, cold weather survival and guided cross country skiing hikes. Whether you are an avid skier or prefer hiking in your snow shoes you will definitely enjoy everything that Sugar Pine Point Park has to offer during the winter.