If you love skiing and have not yet taken the time out to visit the beautiful South Shore of Lake Tahoe then you’ve missed out on a lot of fun. The South Shore has some of the most beautiful skiing resorts and should definitely be on every skiers visiting list. Here are some of the most challenging and fun areas that can be found in the South Shore.

Camp Richardson

The Historic Camp Richardson Resort is a perfect place, especially for novice skiers. It offers flat terrain over an area of 35 kilometers and you can even find guides if you’ve never skied before. Rentals are also available there for people that want to spend a few hours trying for the first time or if you have not brought your own equipment with you. The resort is located on Emerald Bay Road just outside of South Lake Tahoe.

Sorensen’s Resort

If you’ve just learned to ski or don’t want to try anything to challenging yet the Sorensen’s resort as well as the Hope Valley Outdoors Center should definitely be your next stop. The resort has both easy trails and challenging mountain peaks. You can also find guides to teach you how to ski and tour guides. The center is situated on the junction of Highway 88 and 89.

Heavenly Adventure Peak

For a bit of an adventure then you should check out the Heavenly Adventure Peak. It is located at the top of the gondola and it starts with a 2.4 mile trip up the mountain. The marvelous scenic view from 3,000 feet above Lake Tahoe combined with the adventurous trip through the forest gives an awesome experience that shouldn’t bemissed. You can also find a restaurant in case you’re hungry or want to relax after a hard day of skiing.


Those that are really looking for a challenge are invited to visit the Kirkwood’s Cross-Country Ski and Snowshoe Center. You can get to it by car in just 40 minutes from South Lake Tahoe on highway 88. The trails go up to 9,000 feet and skiers have an area of about 80kilometers topractice their skills. The resort also has terrain for beginners and intermediates, furthermore two of the trails are even dog friendly and you can come with your dog to enjoy a nice holiday with the whole family in the true meaning of the word.