Being the largest alpine lake within North America makes Lake Tahoe the perfect summer destination for those looking for a beach holiday. With a staggering 72 miles of shoreline there are plenty of sandy beaches perfect for enjoying a wide variety of summer activities or simply just relaxing in the sun. The beaches of Lake Tahoe are some of the finest in the country and they offer beautiful views of the lake and the surrounding areas. So whether you are heading out to Zephyr cove or the stunning Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe’s beaches will definitely not disappoint anyone looking to spend some time in the summer sun.

Many of the beaches have access to boat docks where you can rent a boat and take a trip on the lake or if you prefer you can take a guided tour of the lake by boat. The crystal clear waters of lake Tahoe make it the perfect place to enjoy water sports and activities such as paddle boarding and for the more adventurous types why not try your hand at jet skiing. There are plenty of water equipment rental vendors dotted around the many Lake Tahoe beaches.

Lake Tahoe is huge and is split into 4 geographical regions, north, south, east and west shore. Each of the regions has its own beaches and our detailed beach region guides will cover all of the beaches in depth you can find our region beaches guides here:

North and east Shore beaches

West Shore beaches

South shore beaches

As well as beaches being covered by region we also offer guides to some of Lake Tahoes other beaches, these can be found here.

Lake Tahoe Nude Beaches

Family friendly beaches

Regardless of which beaches you decide to visit you will be certain to enjoy the golden sands, scenic views and make sure you don’t forget your sun tan lotion.