Lake Tahoe is famous for its beautiful lakeside vistas and mountain scenery, if you’re out and about whilst enjoying these sights you may not want to head back indoors to grab something to eat. Fortunately Lake Tahoe has the solution, scattered across the area are a number of delis and other t-go shops so you can grab something quick to eat without the need to go back indoors.

Picnics in Lake Tahoe

Because of the amount of fantastic scenery around the lake one of the most popular choices of combining the great views and something to eat is having a picnic. For a Picnic adventure while in North Lake Tahoe then you can check out the delis that are located in Tahoe City from hole in the wall type delis, a single room grocery store, and an amazing bake house with freshly baked bread and the restaurants dotted around Fanny bridge, you are almost certain to find something to grab for a lunch for taking a picnic on the commons beach. Another fantastic location for a picnic can be found at Sugar Pine point, make sure you take a tour of the old mansion that can also be found in this area.

Small local delis can be found at Camp Richardson, you can even grab a nice hot cup of hot chocolate or an ice cream depending upon the season. Be sure to head on down to the water across a small footpath in Valhalla.

South Lake Tahoe also offers some great locations for picnics. Baldwin beach offers fantastic views and scenery and is an ideal spot to enjoy a take-out burrito or a refreshing milkshake. A picnic on a pebbly beach can be enjoyed at Zephyr Cove which overlooks the clear blue waters. Near the Spooner Cut off you can find a number of great parks and hiking spots where you can enjoy a fresh vegetable Ciabatta that you can pick up from Incline village.

If you love taking picnics then you will find that there are plenty of scenic spots in Lake Tahoe for you to enjoy.

Lake Tahoe really is one of the greatest holiday locations in the United States; if you are thinking of making a trip to the area then you will need somewhere to stay. Fortunately there is a great choice of vacation accommodation to choose from, whether it’s the luxurious Lake Tahoe Hotels, Tahoe rental properties or the more rustic Tahoe cabins, no matter what your accommodation needs are Lake Tahoe has you covered.