If you’re a cyclist enjoying your vacation at Lake Tahoe then you’re in luck because the resort offers a variety of trails accessible by bikers that offer great scenery. What follows below is a selection of some of the best and most popular cycling routes that Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Truckee to Squaw

If you’re a novice cyclist then you might want to try the road from Truckee to Squaw. It’s a 26 mile out and back ride and it’s one of the few flat rides located in the Tahoe Basin. The only downside might be the high amount of traffic from Highway 89.

If you want to continue from Squaw you could head on to Dollar Point or Sugar Pine Point . From Squaw Valley on Hw 89 you can follow the “Y” at Lake Tahoe. From there you can go left to Dollar Point where you’ll also have to climb at one point, or you can take the right to Sugar Pine Point . Both routes go along Lake Tahoe and offer some great scenery.

Relaxing Rides

If you’re looking for a more relaxing pace then you can head south of Meyers on the road that’s closed to cars. There you take the first right on South Upper Truckee. After that you can climb to Highway 50.

Another good ride would be to go ride from Kingsbury parking area and then down Foothill boulevard. Take a right when you get to Fredericksburg Road and continue till you get to highway 88. There’s an 18 mile loop here where you can ride without being disturbed that much bytraffic.

If you want to go further you can cross highway 88 from Fredricksburg Road to the Diamond Valley Road. When you get to the intersection go right to highway 89. Continue for about a mile then make a right to highway 88 before turning to Carson River Road. The scenery here is beautiful comparing to other routes.

More Challenging Routes

You could also follow the historic Donner Pass Road to the west till you get to its end. The whole ride is about 42 miles long and it’s not very easy since you have to climb for the duration of the trail, one of the advantages to taking this trail is that you get to ride alongside the beautiful Donner Lake.

Another popular route starts in Truckee. From there you go to highway 89 to Tahoe City. From Tahoe City you need to go left on Highway 28 to Kings Beach where you have to ride along the lake shore till you reach Highway 267.There you have to get ready to climb the Brockway summit. To get back all you have to do is follow highway 267. The whole route is about 75 mile long from start to finish.

If you are looking for a more challenging ride then you should try following highway 89 up Luther Pass to the junction with 88. From there go east on the 88 until it meets with Foothill Road. Follow this road until you reach KingsburyGrade, from there you should make a left towards South Lake and slowly climb till you get to descend into the basin.