At Lake Tahoe, summertime is enjoyed completely with various beach choices, outdoor activities and simple recreation and relaxation venues. From typical andcomplete facilities like rest rooms and picnic tables to packedservicescomprising boat cruises and jet skiing, there is no stopping to what the exquisite Lake Tahoe can offer.

Meek’s Bay Resort

Whether for a day, weekend or extended trip, Meek’s Bay Resort offers a variety of amenities including marinas, barbecues and swim areas with stores and campgrounds nearby. At the center of the resort, Native American gifts, conference rooms and snack bars are also available. The Meek’s Bay Resort, which is best for boating activity, offers relaxation and recreation at its best.

Commons Beach Park

Located in the downtown area of Tahoe City, Commons Beach Park is popular both for children and adults. Children can enjoy the playgrounds, the verdant, soft grass and the mini-climbing wall, while adults revel in the picnic sites and benches and make a start on the barbecue. Boasting a wide area of lakefront, Commons Beach Park is the ideal place for families to spend some quality time together.

Burnt Cedar Beach

Burnt Cedar Beach is famous for summer swim parties throughout the day. It offers modern services with fun outdoor activities for residents or guests. Burnt Cedar Beach provides a good view of the Lake landscape while offering fine facilities such as barbecue areas, heated swimming pool and snack bars for a wonderful beach experience.

Chimney Beach, Secret Cove and Sand Harbor

These exquisite beaches are ideal for anyone looking to enjoy the solitude and perfect scenery. They are the remote areas of Lake Tahoe accessible by parking. Chimney Beach, along with other beaches, offers no services; however, it is a beautiful setting that sums to a calming vacation with a private opportunity of dipping into the waters.

Cave Rock State Park

When looking for an isolated area to enjoy an adventure far from the hustle and bustle of all the crowds, Cave Rock State Park is the best area in Lake Tahoe. It offers a venue for parking, picnicking, swimming and boating with a small portion of beach found in the Park which also catches the view of Mt. Tallac.

Zephyr Cove

Zephyr Cover, flocked by mostly beach parties’ enthusiasts, is one of the ideal destinations of guests year-round. Volleyball games attract many people with bar services and restaurants located nearby. Summertime in Zephyr Cover is inclined to a life near the waters which includes jet skiing, kayaking, paddle boating and wakeboarding.



El Dorado State Beach

It’s the main spot for fireworks viewing every 4th of July. El Dorado State Beach rents out water sport amenities such as Jet Ski and kayak at the most affordable price. Most of the times, locals and guests prefer enjoying the long winding stretch of sand which provides a venue for playing, making barbecues, picnicking and strolling.

Camp Richardson

Another important spot in Lake Tahoe offering a wide variety of activities is the famed Camp Richardson. It covers everything for a fun-packed vacation with its high quality restaurants and bars and water activities including kayaking, boat cruises and the well-known Emerald Bay paddling trips.

Fallen Leaf Lake Campground

Often left out by Lake Tahoe’s landmarks, Fallen Leaf Lake Campground is best known for secluded recreational activities and sights exploration. It is filled with towering pines and cedars with neighboring meadows.  In less than a mile, activities such as boating, fishing and swimming are available.

These are just a sample of some of the fantastic spots in Lake Tahoe where you can enjoy the summer sun and the sand as well as a wide range of fantastic activities.