Dave Rintala is a Tahoe resident that opened the first helicopter skiing and snowboarding operation company in the area.

He says that the skiing resorts are so popular nowadays that getting to ride on the morning powder snow is becoming harder and harder. Therefore he created the helicopter skiing operation in order to give an alternative to those that want to experience something out of the ordinary.

Powder Is White Gold to Skiers/Boarders

Skiing into the powder snow in Tahoe used to be an amazinguniquesensation. Skiers would wake up in the morning get dressed and go out in the freezing cold to wait for hours in lines at the lift line to be the first to get to ski on the untouched powder snow.

Dave Rintala said that all that changed with the tourism explosion in thearea. The unique sensation that those rides gave youfeel more and more casualnowadays. That’s why people are looking for an alternate method of starting up their adrenaline.

While Rintala does not oppose the progress that Lake Tahoe is making in the tourism branch he does also take into consideration those that want that alternative way of pumping up their adrenaline. His passion for skiing and also looking for new and unexplored adventures is what made him start his snowcat skiing company that features the newly added helicopter skiing operation.

The business allows skiers to travel across a vast area of 100.000 acres along the Sierra crest. The area is considered to be very big if you compare it with the fact that Tahoe’s 14 ski resorts cover an area of about 25.000 acres.  Rintala expects the season to start on 15 December and end on 14 April. A guide will be chosen for every four skiers and a total of 200 to 260 hours of helicopter time are expected.

Not Cheap But worth Every Penny

The trip isn’t cheap at about 899$ per person but be assured that you will enjoy every penny spent. Obviously, for a price that high, you also get enough room to have a fun experience without having to avoid people or making sure that you don’t hit anyone, as it is at theother overcrowded ski resorts. Rintala adds that the cost is not really that high if you compare it with the other helicopter skiing companies in the country.

Rintala also wants to make an investment in skiing guides and education in order to instruct people on topics such as rescue techniques, snow structure and team building so that the tourists that choose to have this unique experience also have something to go home with.

Skiing will also be possible in bad weather. To ensure this Rintala has combined the helicopter operation with the snowcat operations.

If you do have the money to spend it Heli-skiing in Lake Tahoe then there’s absolutely no reason why not to do it at least once .The rush and the astonishing scenery makes for a ride that you’ll never experience anywhere else.