If you’re going to tour Lake Tahoe’s shops then you need to remember that Lake Tahoe is huge. The area is so large that you are not going to be able to tackle all of the areas shops in the matter of a weekend. You should plan ahead, check out the different regions of the area see which places have your favorite types of store s and then plan your shopping trip accordingly.

Souvenir Hunting

You simply can’t go home without some kind of memento of your trip to Lake Tahoe, whether it’s a t shirt, car bumper sticker or even a hoodie top. Whatever type of souvenir you are looking for then you will be able to find it when you are out and about on your shopping trip in Lake Tahoe. You will find souvenir and gift shops in just about every region of the lake so you are never going to be far from finding the perfect souvenir.

Village Shopping

Some of Lake Tahoe’s surrounding villages such as Truckee, Squaw Valley and Northstar are the ideal place to look for gifts, souvenirs and everyday shopping items. Why not take a relaxing trip into the mountains and explore what shops these smaller alpine resort towns have to offer.

Where to begin

You may be wondering which side of Lake Tahoe is the best place to start your shopping expedition. If you are looking for outdoor equipment, bike stores and watersport items then you may want to start your shopping on the north Side of the lake.

The south side of Lake Tahoe is an absolute shopper’s paradise and has just about everything that you can possibly think of and then some. From souvenirs and gifts to designer clothes and a whole host of cozy cafes and places to grab a bite to eat, start your shopping trip on the south side of Lake Tahoe if you like having everything that you need in one place.

Great Place for thrift stores

Lake Tahoe is also well known for its many thrift stores.  Browse some of the antiques and other second hand treasures that Lake Tahoe’s many thrift and bargain stores have on offer.

Looking for the Ideal Birthday gift?

If you on the hunt for that perfect gift, whether it’s for a birthday or even a wedding, you are sure to find something at one of the fabulous Lake Tahoe gift stores and boutiques. You will be able to find everything from jewelry, clothes as well the all-important wrapping paper and gift bags for your gifts.