Lake Tahoe’s beaches truly are spectacular and the beaches on the west shore of the lake are perfect for a relaxing day in the sun, a barbeque and even swimming in the crystal clear waters of the lake. Below is a guide to the beaches of the west shore of Lake Tahoe.


Kaspian Recreation Area

Located to the south of Sunnyside on the State Route #89, this beautiful beach has conveniently located campsites just across the highway, some fantastic picnic areas, barbecue spots and well maintained restrooms and all modern amenities.

William Kent Campground

Located close to Sunnyside on the state route 89 offering a rocky beach with plenty of room for sunbathing and other highlights including fabulous picnic areas and as well as restrooms.

Sugar Pine Point

The State park at sugar pine point located a mile to the south of Tahoma on highway 89. More lake side than it is beach but this beautiful area offers some wonderful nature trails, picnic areas, a wonderful pier, and access to the historic Ehrman Mansion. Please note that there are parking fees in place when visiting the area.

Meeks Bay

Found on Highway 89 just 10 miles to the south of the city of Tahoe and across from the campgrounds at Meeks bay. This beautiful white sandy beach offers a boat launch (fees apply), picnic areas and rest rooms and amenities.

D L Bliss State Park

Found on highway 89 between the Emerald Bay and Meeks Bay the park offers a fantastic camping area (making a reservation is advised), fire pits, fabulous picnic areas and access to the beach. Please note there is a day parking fee in force when visiting the state park.

Emerald Bay Beach

Parking in the area is limited so head out early to avoid disappointment; the beach is accessible by a one mile steep hike from the parking area on highway 89 or from the bliss park trail. Some of the highlights of the beach include picnic areas as well as access to the historic vikingsholm and some fantastic views of the only island located in Lake Tahoe.