If you are a fan of camping then Lake Tahoe has got you covered. Whether its camping alongside a sandy beach or deep inside the forest in a Lake Tahoe Cabin the lake will definitely have something to offer any fan of camping in the great outdoors. One of the first thing that you will notice when visiting Lake Tahoe is that all of the camping grounds in and around the lake have a family feel to them, the kind of environment where you now that by the end of your trip you will have made plenty of new friends.

All of the campsites offer the amenities that you would expect such as toilets, showers and BBQ’s. You can even find somewhere that you can purchase firewood, regardless of which Lake Tahoe Campsite you chose to stay at you are guaranteed to find yourself feeling right at home. Here are just a few examples of the many fantastic camping grounds that Lake Tahoe has to offer, you may want to book in advance as some of these can be extremely popular.

D L Bliss State Park

Situated near to Emerald Bay this camping ground is surrounded by tall pine trees. It also offers easy access to a beach as well as popular hiking trail that will lead you to Emerald bay itself.

Eagle Point

This camping ground is located at the State Park of Emerald bay and is tucked away beneath the trees and overlooks the point overlooks the bay. This camping ground offers some gorgeous views of the bay and you will find that the friendly camp hosts extremely friendly and helpful.

Sugar Pine

This state park is situated across from the highway and the beach, as you should expect with all of the camping grounds in Lake Tahoe the staff are friendly and will be able to assist you with anything that you need during your stay. Making the Trek to the water makes for a great hike, either on foot or by bike, while on the hiking trail you can also observe some of the historical sites of Lake Tahoe.

These are some of the most popular camping grounds that Lake Tahoe but there are many more. For example if you are interested in the Native American history of Lake Tahoe then you should consider camping at Meeks bay located at Meeks Creek which gives visitors the opportunity to soak up the rich history of the surrounding area.

If you love beaches then you should definitely consider camping at Nevada beach, this area boasts one of the longest beaches that Lake Tahoe has to offer. Be warned when camping close to the beach it can get windy, there are campsites located either on the beach and some within the hillside.

If you love camping then you will feel right at home at Lake Tahoe.