Most Popular Destination in the States

Exalted with a natural sparkling beauty it’s easy to see why that Lake Tahoe has been chosen as the number one ultimate popular destination of the United States. Well known for the clarity of its water as well as the beautiful mountainside scenery on every side of the lake. Lake Tahoe is situated at 6,229 above the sea level and is the highest lake for its size in the United States. The lake stretches a staggering 22 miles and is also approximately 12 miles in width and has a 191 square mile surface area and a 989 foot depth. There is only one Lake in the United States that is deeper than Lake Tahoe at that is Crater Lake which is found in Oregon.


There is an average of 55 inches of precipitation in watersheds located at the west side of the basin which increases to around 26 inches on the eastern side of the basin. The majority of this precipitation is snow that falls between the months of November and April. The run off of the snowmelt usually occurs between late spring and early summer however the timing of this varies from one year to the next. According to weather analysts the warmest month is August with the maximum temperature average being 78.7 degrees Fahrenheit and the average minimum temperature being 39.8 degrees.  January is usually the coldest month with temperatures averaging 41 degrees and 15.1 degrees respectively.

Lake Tahoe Towns

Incline Village: The village gets its name from the great inclined tramway which was built by loggers back in the 1870’s. Nowadays incline village is where some of the world’s most wealthy people have built breathtaking mountain retreats. Incline village is located on an enclave on the north eastern shore and it is home to some of Lake Tahoe’s most beautiful sandy beaches.

During the summer months hundreds of theatre goers gather to watch the Shakespeare festival of Lake Tahoe which is held at Sand Harbor. Mountain bikers are often seen racing down Flume Trail which runs right down to the village, mountain biking is one of many fantastic Lake Tahoe activities. During the winter it is not uncommon to see skiers and snowboarders tearing up the snow on Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe and Diamond peak. There is also a casino that is only a short distance from the town.


Crystal bay is one of only a few places where you have the opportunity to be in 2 states at the same time. The Nevada/California state line runs straight through the bay, you can even swim from one state to the next in the California-Nevada resort pool. The surrounding Lake Tahoe neighborhood of crystal bay is no stranger to celebrity, in fact many famous celebrities have played here at one time or another including, Jack Kennedy, Frank Sinatra and even Marilyn Monroe. Crystal Bay boasts four energetic and lively casinos and a large amount of Lake Tahoe Cabin lodgings and dining areas and to top it all off there is even regular live entertainment.


Carnelian bay is famous for its boating events; back in the 1950’s the sierra boat company, which is widely considered to be the premier boating business set up shop here and it attracts droves of boating fanatics from around the world every single year with its annual Concours d’Elegance of classic wooden boats which takes place over a weekend full of nostalgia and excitement.

The town got its name back in 1860 when it was named after the sparkling semi-precious red and yellow colored stones that sprinkle the shoreline of the bay. The town hosts an ample amount holiday rental properties that are located around the bay area ideal for a short stay. The bay is also a popular fishing destination as it is believed that Mackinaw trout are located in the waters around the bay.



Located on the tip of the north shore of Lake Tahoe and situated right at the mouth of the Truckee River which is the only river outlet in Lake Tahoe. There is an amazing selection of activities available for visitors to Tahoe City. Many of these activities are available all year including hiking trails which can be enjoyed on foot, bike or even skates, while trekking along these hiking trails visitors will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the shoreline of Lake Tahoe and cross the dam of Lake Tahoe. The summer sun can be enjoyed while participating in a large number of different water sports and there are also outdoor concerts and other festivals throughout the year. A trip to Tahoe City would not be complete without visiting the famous Fanny Bridge.