Continuing our guide to the Mountain bike trails of Lake Tahoe, now we move on to the trails that are suited more to the intermediate level rider. These trails are more challenging than the beginner trails and are perfect for bikers looking for more of a challenge and to push themselves whilst still enjoying the wonderful scenery that Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Mountain Bike Trails for Intermediate Riders

Brockway Summit and Tahoe Rim Trail

The trail starts at 7200 feet, it only has a moderate steep climb but one of the main attractions of this trail is its technical descent. You’ll also enjoy the great scenery of Lake Tahoe, the Sierras and Carson Range. It is, generally, narrow, sandy and it also has some rocky sections. The trail has limited parking and does not feature any facilities.

Emigrant Trail

On this trail, you’ll be biking through the rolling hills and the flatlands of the Stampede Reservoirs and Prosser creek. The trail is approximately 18 miles to make the roundtrip. The trail offers a challenge whilst not being so difficult that it is not enjoyable.

Western States Trail

You should treat this short trail a warm up before heading out on to one of the bigger more challenging trails. The trail begins with a steady climb upwards heading away from the Truckee River; you should enjoy this relaxing ride.

The Flume Trail

This trail is legendary amongst mountain bikers, people come from all over the world to enjoy the both the technical challenge and beautiful Tahoe scenery that it has to offer. While on the flume trail you will enjoy spectacular views of Sand Harbor’s white sandy beaches and beautiful turquoise waters.

Martis Peak

This trail is perfect for you to hit if you are looking to visit Martis lookout, the trail consists of a five mile climb and has its own outhouse and picnic area where you can stop to enjoy the views while getting a bite to eat.

Tahoe Rim Trail

In this trail, you’ll encounter a lot of other trails. You can choose the best trail that suits your needs. These are interconnected trails around the lake. It is a 2 mile ride from Mt. Rose to Spooner Lake. It has an elevation of 720 feet.

McKinney-Rubicon Springs Road

This trail is an easy one with a few rocky sections and occasional slopes. It has technical descents and steep climbs. The trails are wide and off-road vehicles are frequently using this path.

Spooner to Marlette

Taking this trail will offers you impressive view of the falls and the mountain. If you keep going left around Marlette, you’ll get on the Flume trail.

Kingsbury to Spooner

This trail also offers a wide range of scenery while enjoying your ride. It has good climbs and fun and exciting descent.