It might surprise you to find out that Lake Tahoe is a popular holiday destination for celebrities. In fact you would probably be even more surprised to find out that sports legends like pro golfers, Lefty George Watson, Annika Sorenstam, Baseball player Scott Erickson, and Football quarterback Trent Dilfer all love playing golf at the golf courses at Lake Tahoe, these sporting celebs can also be found hitting the Lake Tahoe Ski resorts.

It’s not just sporting celebrities either, in fact there are a number of musicians, young and old alike that have decided to put down roots and call Tahoe their home. Amongst these musicians are Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Liza Minnelli, Cher, Mike Love, Alanis Morrisette and James Hetfield to name just a handful. The celebrity list goes on with a number of Television sitcom celebrities and even world famous movie stars are amongst those getting mail delivered to an address in Tahoe, such as Leonard Nimoy, Kevin Nealon (Saturday night live) and Robin Williams.


You may be asking yourself, how have I not heard anything about this, I read the news all the time? Well the reason you may not have heard anything is because of the laid back nature of the Lake Tahoe locals. They don’t even give the celebrity status of an individual a second thought as they are that used to seeing famous folk. They could out around town going to the store and see a celebrity in passing and then when they get into the store they see their friend Bill. When they get home they may mention it to their wives or husbands when they get home from the store and say “I saw Bill at the store this morning”  totally leaving out the fact that they saw a famous  celebrity, because  the Tahoe local they take great pride in not intruding in a celebrities life.

There are a number of famous residents that are active in the Tahoe community in which they reside, such as Mike Love and Leonard Nimoy but these are exceptions to the rule as most celebrities living in Tahoe prefer to remain incognito.

So while you’re out and about round Tahoe and you see someone that you recognize to be a famous celebrity, pretend you’re a Tahoe local have a laugh to yourself and keep it to yourself. If you are coming to the area for a bit of celebrity spotting then you should consider staying at one of the many great Lake Tahoe hotels, Tahoe rental accommodation or even the more rustic Tahoe cabins.