Forgot your swimsuit? Or do you like to sunbathe naturally. If you fall into this category then you will be in good company when visiting Lake Tahoe. The area has a number of nude beaches which can be found on the East shore of Lake Tahoe. Below you will find info the nude beaches that can be found in the region.

Just six miles north of Highway 28 and highway 50 you will find the first cluster of nude beaches in the east shore of Lake Tahoe. Park your car at the lot located on the lakeside and make your way south down the fire road, from here you will have a number of options of where to turn off depending on which nude beach you wish to visit. If you are looking for a relaxing day on beautiful white sands then the south and north whale beaches are your best bet, although be warned not everyone on these beaches will be nude. The beach at secret creek harbor is the perfect place for socializing with others, from volleyball to paddleball, the beach also has three amazing hiking trails for the naturalists to enjoy.

Secret cove which is also known as paradise rock or paradise cove is one of the areas most frequented nude beaches, more than 90 percent of visitors to the beach on any given day will be nude. For nude beaches in the north of Lake Tahoe then you should accustom yourself with the state park at sand harbor from there you should head a mile to the south where you will find a forest service parking area located on the mountain side of the road. After parking here all you need to do is cross the highway walking down a short sandy path and after five minutes you will find a sandy beach with lots of boulders, this is Chimney cove.

In order to locate hidden beach you should take highway 28 and head south until you reach the parking lot of the memorial point visitors center which is around a half mile to the north of sand harbor. After parking your car walk alongside the highway and if you peer over the guard rail you will be able to see the nude beach. This beach is one of the best nude beaches in the area with amazing sand and low water levels.