Lake Tahoe is a popular destination for thousands of vacationers every year, but it’s not just vacationers that are drawn to the lake. Many people make a road trip to the lake on the spur of the moment for a quick weekend of fun in the sun.

So you’ve jumped in your carat the last minute and you’ve made it to the Lake but are a little strapped for cash, what is there that you can do without breaking the bank? Well thankfully you don’t need that much cash to still have a good time, in fact below you will find a number of things that you can do during your stay for minimal cash or even free.

Free Movies

During the summer at Tahoe city crowds gather on commons beach to watch a free family movie on the big screen, it’s just like a drive in movie at the beach. Free movies are shown every Wednesday during the summer months and start at dusk.

Tahoe Maritime Museum

Located on the west shore of Lake Tahoe you can take a tour of the Tahoe Maritime Museum and learn about the Maritime history of the region. The museum is great for families as the kids will get an educational viewpoint of the area that they are not likely to forget.

Free Music

Head down to Kings Beach located on the north shore every Friday night between the months of July and August for free live music. Held at the recreational are of the beach this live music is extremely popular with visitors to the region throughout the summer months.


Every Tuesday night there are comedy shows at the Crystal Bay club located at the north shore. Enjoy a drink and hilarious comedy from both guest and local comedy acts. The entertainment is free you will just need to pay for your drinks.

Drive Round the Lake

Perhaps one of the best free activities that you can enjoy at Lake Tahoe is a drive around the lake. All you need is a tank of gas and you can take the 78 mile round trip of the lake and take in all of the scenery that the region has to offer. You should allow around 2.5 hours to complete the trip there are plenty of rest stops around the lake where you can stop to enjoy a bite to eat whilst enjoying the scenery.

As you can see you can still enjoy a trip to Lake Tahoe even on a budget.