Lake Tahoe is made up of a number of different regions; these regions are located in and around the North, East, West and south shores. All of the regions offer amazing views of Lake Tahoe and the mountain and forest scenery. When you visit the different regions across Lake Tahoe you will see how they all have their own unique style and way of life. Some of the most popular regions of the East shore can be found below.



Located on the eastern Shore of Lake Tahoe Glenbrook is one of the most idyllic regions of the area. With its hits historic routes Glenbrook is one of the most rural regions, in fact there is only around 150 acres of land in the town that has actually been developed which means both visitors and homeowners have been left undisturbed in peace which opens up the opportunity for some truly unique outdoor recreational activities. In fact you should not be fooled into thinking that just because Glenbrook is the oldest area of Lake Tahoe and it is quiet that there is nothing to do. There are hiking trails for walking and biking as well as a cross country trail.

Spooner Lake and Tahoe State Park

Located within the Tahoe State Park, Spooner Lake finds itself located in a perfect central location, offering easy access to a wide range of outdoor recreational activities. Whilst many people will flock to Spooner Lake because it offers great access to a number of great cross country skiing activities, it is the Flume trail that is Spooner lakes main attraction.

Considered to be the premier biking trail on Lake Tahoe, thousands of people make the trip to the lake to ride this amazing trail. If you don’t have your own bike then there is no need to worry as you will be able to get one from one of the many Lake Tahoe rentals in Spooner. Spooner Lake also offers some beautiful Lake Tahoe log cabins that can be rented where you can enjoy everything that nature has to offer in peace and quiet.

As well as Spooner lake the state park of Tahoe offers other gems such as cave rock, Sand harbor and much more. This region is extremely friendly, clean and has something to offer anybody including great beaches, shopping, fine dining and hiking.