Eagle Falls to Eagle Lake

This trail begins at the picnic area of Eagle falls on highway 89 a little over from the emerald Bay. In order to use this trail you will be required to obtain a permit, you will find a registration station along the trailhead. The hike is an approximate 2 mile round trip to get to the Lake, if you just want to visit the falls then this is just a 1/3 of a mile away. The terrain on this trail varies from flat to steep and it includes a steel bridge over the beautiful Eagle Falls.

Emerald Bay to Vikingsholm

This Lake Tahoe trail begins at a parking are on the northern side of the Emerald bay located on Highway – 89. The trail is a 2.5 mile trip across a well maintained wide trail that is fairly steep. A picnic area can be found at the lower end of the trail along with Vikingsholm, which is a world-famous scaled Scandinavian castle replica.

Glacier Meadow Loop

This is a short trail that is self-guided and both begin and end at the rest stop at Donner Summit on the I-80. The Glacier Meadow Loop is a good hike to take a leisurely stroll, there are signs dotted around the trail that explain how glacial activity polished and carved the area.

Loch Leven Lakes

The trail is named after the three breathtaking glacial tarns that assemble the elements of the Loch Leven Lake group. This trail is well graded and climbs for 3 miles before you arrive at the first lake and then continues on for a few miles until you reach the next 2 lakes. These beautiful lakes have islands dotted between them and are ideal for swimming. The trail head can be found at the large curved exit off the I-80. The parking area can be found to the east of the visitors’center.

Lower Lola Montez Lake

Take the soda springs exit off the I-80 when coming from the west out of Truckee, take 2 successive rights where you will pass a fire station to find the trailhead as well as the parking area. You want to follow the road to the north where you will come to the road leading you across the Castle Creek. Follow this road for roughly a half mile which will veer to the right. A further half mile along the trail will rejoin the road. Carry on climbing up the road for another mile until you come to a large flat meadow opening where the road comes to an end.

The meadow marks the beginning of the trail but it may be difficult to follow as a result of any overgrowth. When you reach a fork in the meadow you need bear to your right, in order to reach the lake which can be found approximately half a mile ahead. You will find a number of Lake Tahoe campsites and fishing spots on this trail.

Marlette Lake

The picnic area at Spooner Lake marks the start of this trail, it can be found by taking highway 28 and looking for the junction between 28 and 50 NV.  It is approximately 5 miles each way in order to get to the lake, but the majority of the terrain is considerably mild; you should be able to finish the trail in a single day.

Rubicon Trail

This beautiful shoreline trail route begins in D L Bliss state park, which is around 13 miles to the south of the City of Tahoe Highway 89. This trail has some mild ups and downs and it follows an undeveloped area of the shoreline of Lake Tahoe for around 3 miles until you reach Emerald Bay. After this the trail continues to follow the Emerald Bay shoreline for another 1.5 to 2 miles to get to Vikingsholm. There are accommodations for handicap available when making an advanced reservation. There is also a fee set by the state park of $5 per vehicle and there are no dogs allowed on trails that are located inside state parks.

Shirley Lake

The lake is located in Squaw Valley; the trail begins on squaw peak road (the end). There are a number of different Lake Tahoe trails that can be used to get to Shirley Lake; this is merely one of them. The trail follows Squaw Creek for about 2 ½ miles each way to get to Shirley Lake, on the way you will pass majestic waterfalls and fascinating canyon boulders. While climbing uphill stay to the left hand side of the creek, when going downhill you should stay to the right. Along the way you will notice that the trail disappears every now and then but if you continue to follow the creek you will get to your destination. This hike is rather difficult so make sure that you are wearing adequate clothing and footwear and that you always carry water with you. The hike can take anywhere from 2 ½ to 3 hours depending on the hiker.

Summit Lake

Whilst on the I-80 you should take the exit at theDonner Summit picnic and Rest Area and find a place to park. You will see signs to the summit Lake Trail over the way from the picnic tables located at the back of the building as well as some longer trails.

Tunnel Creek Station

The trail road begins at NV highway 28 over from the hidden beach approximately 1 mile after Ponderosa Ranch. There is an inclined trail road which is around 1 ½ miles each way that can be found at the old log flume tunnel ruins from the western portal.