As you would expect from any place with such a rich and diverse history, stories get handed down by the locals and then get passed on to visitors to the area, Lake Tahoe is no exception. Here you will find some of the funny and quirky stories involving Lake Tahoe.

The Eccentric George Whittell

Let’s start with the story of George Whitell, considered to an odd ball by the residents due to his eccentricities. George Whittel was extremely rich and bought up a lot of land to the north shore of Lake Tahoe by Incline village. He built a stunning home for himself, Thunderbird Lodge. As for being quirky, whittell would often have poker parties which he would hold in the games room, if he found that he was a little down on luck in the game, rather than taking it in his stride and being a good sport he would make his excuses to go to the bathroom where he would open a small compartment inside the shower and then retreat back to thunderbird lodge through a secret passageway, rather than ever losing face or money.

Sinatra and other local stories

When visiting Lake Tahoe some of the older residents will most likely not let you leave until they have told you the story involving Frank Sinatra. Apparently there was a fire that involved his beloved Calneva at the Crystal Bay. There was a whole lot of insurance money involved and a whole lot not talking about the following scandal.

Then there is the Sand Harbor state park which is believed to be the only park in the whole of Nevada that ever makes any money, apparently due to the overwhelming popularity of its beaches, fantastic lifeguard staff and not to forget the boat launch convenience.

If you like your stories with a little more gore then according to some locals, members of the mafia would often come to Lake Tahoe to dispose of bodies. Since the lake is deep and always near freezing the bodies are supposedly said to found several meters under the service, still in one piece and apparently one of the bodies is still dressed in a wedding gown.

And finally there is the story of Mark twain who made a visit to Lake Tahoe to make a claim for gold or timber. Apparently he is meant to have burned down his shanty as well as all the trees that were on his claim and as for down as the beach.

As you can see Lake Tahoe is a place with a unique personality all of its own, while you’re in Tahoe make sure you speak to the locals and ask them some questions. You will get Truth as well as legend and myth and a whole lot of everything else in between. If nothing else it will be good for a laugh.