Being the highest alpine lake in the United States and the second largest in the world are just a few statistical accolades that are bestowed upon Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is most commonly referred to as “The Lake” or “Tahoe” by the local residents, this majestic lake is located in between the states of Nevada and California USA.

The Lake Tahoe region is made up of a number of different regions which consist of a number of cities and towns. These cities and towns include, Tahoe city Truckee, Incline Village, king’s beach, Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, Carnelian Bay, Brockway, Crystal Bay, Homewood, Meyers, Tahoma, Stateline and Zephyr cove to name just a few.

Lake Tahoe Vital Statistics

Here is a quick list of the vital statistics that make up the wonder that is Lake Tahoe:

  • Surface Area Size (square miles): 193
  • Max Depth (feet): 1645
  • Shoreline length (miles):71
  • Capacity (gallons): 39 trillion
  • Length (miles):22
  • Width (miles):12

As you can see from these impressive statistics above Lake Tahoe and the area surround it are huge, and there is a whole lot of fun waiting to be discovered at every corner of Lake Tahoe. This is one of the reasons why Lake Tahoe is such a popular vacation destination.

Popularity of Lake Tahoe

One of the main reasons that Lake Tahoe is famous across is the world, is for its world class Nordic and alpine snowboarding and skiing. With an annual snowfall of around 300 -500 inches at the ski elevations it’s easy to see why skiing and snowboarding is such a popular Lake Tahoe recreational activity.

While there are a lot of fun activities to be had in the winter months, it’s during the summer that Lake Tahoe really has a lot to offer. With its designer golf courses and numerous beaches as well as other activities such as hiking and mountain biking. Lake Tahoe really does have something to offer everyone.

As you would expect from the name Lake Tahoe also has some popular water related activities there are a number of public and private beaches that can be enjoyed. You can hire a boat from one of the many friendly Tahoe boat rentals either to tour the lake or for fishing. There’s plenty to see and do in Lake Tahoe during the day but the fun does not end there, the area has a bustling nightlife with nightclubs, casinos, live entertainment and plenty of places to eat including fine dining restaurants.

Planning a Stay at Lake Tahoe

If you are planning a trip to Lake Tahoe you will be spoiled for choice when it comes for choosing a place to stay. You can go for a classy hotel, motel, Lake Tahoe rental home there really are so many options. If you are the more rustic type you can even rent a Tahoe log cabin and you will feel right at home in the heart of the great outdoors. Regardless of where you choose stay when visiting Lake Tahoe you will have the time of your life.