Its early the sun is out already and you’re getting ready to head out to one of Lake Tahoe’s golden sandy beaches. Grab a few towels, your swimsuit and you’re all set, well almost. You may want to make sure that you pack a few beach essentials; the summer days around Lake Tahoe can be extremely hot and dry so being prepared will make sure you make the most of your day at the beach.

Most of the Lake Tahoe beaches are within easy walking distance of a convenience store, hardware store or a beach hut so if you find that you have forgotten something you can just simply grab whatever you need while you are on the move. Make sure you carry plenty of change with you when heading out for the beach as you may need it when it comes to paying for car parking, this will save you having to hunt for an ATM when you could be soaking up the sun on the beach.

Have Backup beaches to hand

You may already have an idea of which beach you want to visit but you should come up with a few as certain beaches close the parking areas when the beach gets full, sand harbor is just one example. Beaches can become full quite early and it’s not unusual for beaches in Lake Tahoe to be full as early as 10am especially on a weekend.

What to Wear

When it comes to what to wear on your trip to the beach you should ideally plan for a chilly start to the day, a much hotter afternoon and getting chilly again as the evening draws in. Make sure you take a jacket with you or something else to cover up with should it get colder, especially if you intend on wearing your swimsuit.

Beach Essentials

A beach blanket, fold up chairs and an umbrella are the typical beach essentials that you should take with you. Don’t forget your suntan lotion as the sun’s rays can be extremely harmful especially around midafternoon times, if you have kids or even if you are a big kid yourself then you may also want to pack some beach toys, if you forget you can grab some from one of the conveniently located stores around the lake. Pack a cooler so that you can keep any food and drinks that you may take with you cool, speaking of drinks you need to make sure you only take cans or plastic bottles with you when at the beach as there is no glass allowed. You should also take more food than you think that you need as you will almost certainly end up spending more time at the beach than you anticipated. Finally make sure you take a camera with you so that you can get dome snaps of the beautiful Lake Tahoe scenery.

If you follow these simple tips you will definitely make the most of your trip to the beach when visiting Lake Tahoe.

You’ll probably want a beach blanket or some folding chairs, and it’s generally nice to bring an umbrella. If you anticipate the munchies, pack a cooler, but make sure you buy cans or plastic bottles (no glass on the beach), and take more food than you think, because you’ll end up staying at the beach longer than you planned! At the very least, bring some water, high SPF sunscreen and the camera to capture some of the beauty of Lake Tahoe.