Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places that you will ever visit; no matter where you look there is always another spectacular view. Whether it’s the beautiful vistas across the water or the tall trees of the alpine forest the scenery in Lake Tahoe is nothing short of breathtaking.  With the many scenic views that Lake Tahoe has to offer it’s easy to get distracted and miss out on some of the amazing landmarks that Lake Tahoe boasts. So if you’re just having a leisurely drive around the lake or maybe you are taking a trip from shore to shore to enjoy the views, you should always keep your eyes open for some of the wonders that Lake Tahoe has to offer.

Leaving Incline Village and heading south West on Highway 28 you will get a view of the magnificent Crystal Bay. The Bay is the deepest one in the lake and it is famous for its underwater boulders.

Fanny Bridge

Park your car at the North Tahoe Beach located on highway 27, taking a walk down to the beach will offer you a spectacular unobstructed view of the lake and its mountain backdrops. Back in your car if you take a look out of the window on the lake side you will be able to see the famous Fanny Bridge of Tahoe City. You could go one step better than this and park over the street where you can enjoy a bite to eat at the café there and then head on over to get a closer look at the bridge.

Sugar Pine

Travelling west you will notice that in certain areas the road is only a couple of yards distance from the beach. When you reach Sugar Pine you will be able to drive in and maybe stop to have a picnic, take a tour of the mansion and don’t forget to take a stroll down to the beach where you can get a different perspective of the wonderful mountain views.

Emerald Bay

Continuing your journey south you should pull of at Vista point which will give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy the stunning view of Emerald Bay as well as the small island below. You will also be able to see Eagle Falls and a stunning mountain made entirely from Granite by looking up. There is a vista point located at Logan shoals which offers another great view of Emerald Bay from across the lake. Further to the north is the turn off leading to Thunderbird Lodge, keeping your eyes on the lakeside where you will be able to see the boathouse. As you get closer to sand Harbor you will be able to see some truly spectacular views of the lake as it pops in and out from behind the huge pine trees as you make your way down the winding road along the lake.

Enjoy the views that Lake Tahoe has to offer and Make sure that one of your passengers always has their camera at the ready as you never know what you are going to see next when visiting the beautiful lake Tahoe.