No trip to Lake Tahoe can be considered complete until you have experienced some of the fabulous waterfalls that are found in and around the Tahoe region. Visiting the waterfalls that can be found in the western region of Lake Tahoe during the spring or summer months will enhance your experience of your visit to Lake Tahoe. Below you will find information on some of the must see waterfalls that can be found in the area.

Heath Falls

For those people who are looking for great adventure and are not afraid to take challenges, this hike is the best for you. This trail is nearlya 13 mile trip to trek to Heath Falls and is the perfect starting point for visiting the other falls in the area.If you decide to visit the other falls, consider camping overnight. It has an impressive 45’ plunge which can be seen during your hike down the trail. So this means you have a long way up just to return to your starting point.

Destination Guide: From Truckee, you should take the exit for Soda Spring off the I 80 make a right turn and then continue on for .7 miles which will bring you to  Soda Springs Road, make another right again and proceed for a further.8 miles to Pahatsi Rd. From here take a right turn and then drive on for approximately 4.3 miles which will bring you to the trailhead at Palisade Creek.Near the end of Pahatsi Road, the road becomes a dirt track and becomes Kidd Lakes Road. When you reach a fork in the road take a right, after you pass the Kidd Lake, it comes to an end at Cascades Lake. You will be able to park here where you will find the trailhead at Palisades Creek.

Eagle Falls

This falls is the most popular and the easiest among all the hikes in Tahoe. The falls is made up of 2 parts, an Upperand a Lower. It is located just across the way from the trailhead at Emerald Bay.Both lakes come to an end at Desolation Wilderness. There is a perfect family picnic area as well as the perfect swim site located just a mile from the eagle lake.

Destination Guide: From South Lake Tahoe, you have to drive northwards on Highway 89 for approximately 8.5 miles. You may find that the smaller car park at eagle falls is full; if this is the case you can find parking in the Vikingsholm and Emerald Bay State Park. There is a parking fee in effect here, you will also require a permit during your visit, and the free wilderness permits are available to buy on site. The Lower Eagle will already be visible from where you parked when you lookto the west. From the start of the trailhead, there is amoderate mile hike to the lower falls. The Upper Eagle Falls can be reached after taking a quarter mile walk directly upwards from the picnic and recreation area at Eagle falls.


Past Eagle Falls, another 5 miles into the wilderness area, Fontanillis is 150ft high and falls down to the Upper Velma Lake. It is a 10 miles roundtrip but the way is only moderate. Hikers should schedule one whole day for this hike. For travelers, sandwiches and plenty of mosquito spray should be on your priority list before setting out. In spring and the early summer, fontanillis is at its best, as is the same with the other waterfalls.

Destination Guide:Park at either the Emerald bay parking area or Eagle Falls car park and follow the trail signs after you pass Eagle Lake and Velma Lake.

Cascade Falls

The Cascade falls is 200ft high and is near the campground at Bayview to the south of Eagle Falls parking area. You can watch the falls from the trail which is a relaxing one mile walk. Cascade is at its best during springtime.

Destination Guide:On Highway 89 approximately 8 miles from the South Lake Tahoe area (20 miles to the south from Tahoe City), drive northwards on to  Bayview Campground. At the furthest end of the lot, you’ll see the trailhead. Just like Desolation wilderness, a free wilderness permit is required. You can obtain a permit from the kiosk at the Cascade Trailhead. There is free car parking available at Bayview.

There are more waterfalls that can be enjoyed in and around Lake Tahoe but these are some of the best that the area has to offer. If you are staying in one of the Lake Tahoe hotels the friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to direct you to some of the waterfalls and other sights in the immediate area.