Are you headed to Lake Tahoe for a summer trip? Not sure what you may need to take with you (apart from the obvious things like clothes) then read on for our guide to essential car packing for a summer trip to Lake Tahoe.

Taking a guide book with you whenever you take a trip somewhere new is always good advice, if nothing else you can read through the book and look forward to all the great activities that Lake Tahoe has to offer. If you and your family have bikes then there are plenty of places in Lake Tahoe where you will be able to enjoy a great bike ride.

Obviously if you have a bike rack for your car and you are able to do so then taking your own bikes with you on your trip is ideal. If you don’t have a bike rack or you simply don’t want to pack your own bikes onto the car then you can still take advantage of the bike trails at Lake Tahoe by renting a bike when you get there.

If you have canoes or kayaks or other water equipment such as windsurfers or puddle boards then strap them on to the top of your car or minivan as there will be plenty of places around the lake for you to enjoy these. Again if you don’t have this kind of equipment or you just don’t want to take it all with you then you can still rent water gear in around the lake area.

If you love hiking and rock climbing then you should make sure that you pack your hiking boots, climbing gear and any other suitable clothing that you have, this type of gear shouldn’t take up too much room and you can easily get it in the back of your car along with your suitcases. There are plenty of fantastic hiking trails waiting to be explored once you get to Lake Tahoe.

If you are going to be enjoying the sun on one of the many sandy beaches at Lake Tahoe then make sure you pack plenty of beach towels, a cooler for your drinks, an umbrella and some beach toys for the kids (and the adults).

Lake Tahoe is the perfect location where you can chill out and relax so you should pack a few puzzle books or maybe even a deck of cards. This type of activity is ideal for winding down after an enjoyable day of activities when you get back to your Lake Tahoe hotel or holiday accommodation.

And finally and perhaps one of the most important things that you will definitely want to pack is your camera, lake Tahoe has some of the most beautiful scenic views and you will want to capture as many fantastic photos of your trip as you can so you can cherish the memories.