Whenever you take a trip for a vacation or a short break do you look for something to take back home with you to remind you of where you have been? Or maybe you like to buy gifts for your friends and family. Well if you’re staying at Lake Tahoe and you are looking for that perfect souvenir or memento to take home with you then you are in luck. Lake Tahoe has an amazing assortment of gift shops that stretch the boulevard all-round the lake.

Souvenir Shops are everywhere

Regardless of what part of Lake Tahoe you find yourself in you will be able to make a pit stop at almost any local business or one of the many Lake Tahoe gift shops and grab a Lake Tahoe T-shirt, Keychain or even a snow globe to remind you of the greatest vacation you ever had.

If you visit some of the souvenir shops in North Lake Tahoe you will be able to find wind chimes or crystals stating that you have been to the area. You can also grab yourself a Lake Tahoe bumper sticker for your car, one of the most popular bumper stickers that you can get from just about any store in Lake Tahoe reads “keep Tahoe blue”. There are a number of shops that sell gold and silver pendants that are shaped like Lake Tahoe and are set in stunning blue opals and decorated with a small green gem to highlight emerald bay.

Unique and One of a kind Souvenirs

If you are looking for a larger and more unique Lake Tahoe souvenir and you have room in your camper van to carry one, then why not take home a hand carved tree stump in the shape of a bear. This kind of souvenir is guaranteed to be the ideal conversation piece and you will never forget your visit to Lake Tahoe.

With the huge amount of s gift shops located in Lake Tahoe you are guaranteed to find that perfect souvenir to remind you of your stay at the beautiful Lake.