Continuing with our guide to the world class ski resorts of Lake Tahoe, here you will find information on the wonderful Donner Ski Ranch.

The Donner ski ranch has always provided an historic and family friendly skiing service ever since the construction of the first tow rope back in 1937. Located on the historic Route 40 (US) at the top of Donner Summit, Donner ski ranch is one of the first ski resorts ever opened in California. During your time spent on Donner summit you will be able to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere that is on offer.

It’s not hard to see why the Donner Ski ranch at Donner summit is as popular as it is with both skiers and snowboarders alike, with an annual average of snowfall of almost 400 inches the white gold as it’s known to the locals offers perfect conditions for skiing.

Donner Ski Ranch Statistics

The ski ranch is one of the larger in the area and it covers an area of 460 acres, there are 52 runs available on the ranch. Of these 52 runs the majority of them are suited to skiers of an intermediate to advanced skill level, although there are still a few trails that are suitable for those who are just starting out as well. The longest of the 52 runs is an impressive 1.5 miles long and the ranch also offers a few cross country trails as well.

Ski Ranch Amenities

The Donner ski ranch has all of the modern amenities that you would expect to find including a ski rental shop where you can hire equipment such as skis, snow boards and winter apparel. There is a fully stocked licensed bar where you can enjoy a drink after a day on the slopes, a cafeteria, shops and a lodge. Access to the slopes at the Donner ski ranch is provided in a number of ways, there are 5 double chairs as well as a single chair lift and 1 magic carpet.