Most famous for being the home to the 1960 winter Olympics, Squaw Valley is the perfect skiing race on what skiers call powder days.  With an average annual snowfall of more than 450 inches fine powder conditions are in plentiful supply. Squaw Valley is one of the larger skiing resorts in the Lake Tahoe area with an impressive 4,000 acres of terrain.

Squaw Valley Facts and Statistics

There are a total of 170 trails that help to make up one of the greatest skiing resorts in the Lake Tahoe Area. These trails come in varying levels of difficulty but one thing that they all have in common is that they offer some fabulous views of the Lake as well as the mountainside scenery. There are 16 bowls for those riders looking for a challenge and the longest trail run is 3.2 miles.

One of the most popular attractions of Squaw Valley is the aerial tram; you can take a ride from the base camp and climb 2000 feet to the high camp. The aerial tram is available to everyone skiers, guests and snowboarders, once at the top you can enjoy a range of activities including roller-skating. You can also enjoy a meal at the restaurant as well as enjoy some of the most breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Tahoe.

Not Just Skiing

Squaw Valley offers some of the greatest skiing terrain there is to offer but the resort offers a lot more than just skiing. You can experience tubing, kids and adults alike will love the thrill of speeding downhill in a rubber tube.  There are hiking trails that are perfect for a snowshoeing adventure, strap on your shoes and enjoy some of the beautiful snow covered scenery. Another of the popular activities available at Squaw Valley is dog sledding, travel through the beautiful Squaw Valley meadow on board a dog pulled sled travelling at 13.5 per hour. Dog sledding tours are run by wilderness adventures and are subject to weather conditions.

Where to Eat

There are an amazing amount of restaurants and eating establishments both on the mountain and in the village below. If you travel to the high camp you can enjoy a bite to eat by the pool side while taking a swim in the pool. It’s a surreal experience swimming in a pool at over 2000 feet. You will find fine dining establishments as well as café’s and pizza and other takeaway establishments in Squaw Valley.

Where to stay

There are plenty of fabulous Lake Tahoe hotels for you to choose from when planning your trip to your area, but if you are looking for the best place to stay to enjoy Squaw valley then the Squaw valley Village has some of the best accommodation options for you to choose from. They have standard no frills rooms for families or those on a tighter budget to luxury rooms with all the bells and whistles.  Regardless of which accommodation you choose to stay at you are guaranteed to enjoy your Squaw Valley experience.