The Sugar Bowl resort receives more annual snowfall than any other resort in the area, 500 inches of fine powdered snow falls every year. Located close to Donner summit the resort offers some of the steepest and narrow chutes with wide open bowls which are a huge attraction to thousands of skiers and snowboarders that visit the resort every year.

Sugar Bowl Resort Features

The resort is spread over 4 magnificent snow covered peaks that each have their own challenges for skiers and snowboarders alike. The resort terrain park is split up into three separate parks, each of which is suited to a different skill level of skier, beginner, intermediate and advanced. The three parks are Golden Gate, Coldstream and Caboose while they are all unique in their own right each of the parks is complete with jump lines, boxes, spines and rails to challenge your skills.

If you are new to skiing or snowboarding then the Sugar bowl Resort offers some of the best ski lesson packages that are available. The lesson packages include equipment rental but are also available at a reduced rate for lessons only if you already have your own equipment.

If you have equipment that is need of repair or maybe just a tune up then you can visit the Finish line Tune and repair shop at the resort and get your equipment checked over by Willi Wiltz a world class skiing technician that has worked with world famous skiers and snowboarders.

Sugar Bowl Resort Dining

If you are looking for a great place to eat whilst enjoying your day on the slopes then you can visit one of the great on mountain restaurants and cafes like the Sierra Vista bar and grill. Located at the base of Mount Judah the bar and grill offers hearty breakfasts and you will always be able to grab a hot cup of coffee to warm you up. The grill also offers a fabulous lunch menu and a BBQ on the weekends and during the holidays subject to weather conditions.

Looking to grab a beer or maybe a relaxing glass of wine then you can check out the palisades bar that is located at the mid-mountain lodge. The bar offers an amazing range of beers and wines and is open weekends, holidays and race days.

Where to Stay

The perfect place to stay is at the lodge located in the sugar bowl resort itself. The classic alpine lodge is located just a few steps away from the chair lifts to the slopes and offers  a stunning dining room as well as a number of bars. Of course many of the fabulous Lake Tahoe hotels are also a fantastic place to stay and there are a few located in the vicinity of the sugar bowl resort.

The sugar bowl resort is the perfect skiing destination for your Lake Tahoe vacation.