While there are plenty of fantastic places to eat out in Lake Tahoe, sometimes you may prefer to stay in and make your own meals. One of the best things about Lake Tahoe is that it comprises a lot of grocery stores that are sure to be stocked with everything that you need. On the south or the north shore, various grocery stores will be happy to accommodate you with what you need.

Grocery Stores on the South Shore

Grocery Outlet is best known for its cheap products. It supplies you with branded names in foods, refrigerated items, kitchenware and even beauty and health products.

Lira’s Supermarket is a good choice for groceries since they produce fresh meats and other goods at affordable prices. It also offers a wide selection for local and unique products. If you’re staying along Highway 50, Lira’s Supermarket is the perfect grocery shop to stop by.

Raley’s Supermarket, with its two outlets, boasts a huge array of everything you need from food to utensils for a wonderful dining experience at home. Raley’s Supermarket is best known for its home goods and fresh food.

Grocery Stores on the North Shore

New Moon Natural Foods storeis best for those opting to stay in Truckee. It is fully supplied with healthy organic foods for those wishing to eat or shop. It is considered an oasis for supplies forgotten or left back at home.

Raley’s North Shoreis also a good store located at the northern region of Lake Tahoe. It is a highly-recognized grocery store for producing natural and organic foods, with reasonable and good prices. It also provides a large selection of food and wine.

When doing the grocery, it is a reminder to bring your own bags since these stores and Lake Tahoe strictly implement the reusing and recycling of materials.