While there are some fantastic Lake Tahoe hotels, Tahoe rentals and also some more rustic Tahoe cabins that are available for you to rent for your stay in Lake Tahoe , these may not be to your taste. In fact many visitors stay away from the more popular Lake Tahoe hotels altogether and visit one of the lakes popular summer camps.

Lake Tahoe summer camps are ideal for families as they tend to offer everything that you need for your stay in one location. Lake Tahoe summer camps are generally themed around outdoor activities that your kids will absolutely love. These Tahoe Recreational activities include hiking trails, music, hockey, pottery and much more besides. Below you will find details of some of the more popular Lake Tahoe summer camps.

T- Pots Potters Camp: Located in Truckee this summer camp places an emphasis on art related activities. Kids will be able to express their creative sides with activities such as drawing, painting, pottery and more. There is a camp art show at the end of your stay where all the campers get to share their art projects that they have worked on during their stay.

Concord Family Summer Camp: Located on Lake Tahoe’s south shore, Camp Concorde gives campers the opportunity to stay in their own private Tahoe cabin. During your stay your meals will all be prepared and you can participate in a wide range of fantastic outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and much more.

Tahoe Rim Trails Youth Back Country Camps: There are a number of different backcountry camps dotted about around the lake. While staying at one of these camps you will be able to learn backpacking and wilderness techniques including map orientation, problem solving, plan identification and other survival skills.

Tahoe Camp for Kids: Located to the south of the lake kids will be able to have fun whilst learning new skills including decision making, leadership, cooperation and problem solving. Experience the great outdoors by pitching your tent at Fallen Leaf Lake.

Mountain Camp: Located within the greater area the mountain camp is a more traditional summer camp for kids aged 7 to 15 years. During their stay at Mountain Camp kids can enjoy a variety of exciting activities including sailing, yoga, biking, hiking and arts.

Do you want to send your dog to camp? Then you may want to try camp Winnaribbun, located to in the South Lake area camp Winnaribbun is a camp for dogs as well as their owners. There are a number of different activities to help improve your dog’s agility, obedience, tracking, herding and much more.