Before planning any holiday it’s always a good idea to know what events and activities are taking place so you can plan ahead on how you are going to spend your time during your visit. A visit to Lake Tahoe will definitely leave you spoiled for choice as there is always so much to see and do throughout the year, below you will find details on some of the fantastic summer events that are taking place in Lake Tahoe.

Fireworks and Concerts

If you’re into a private holiday then why not book a hotel room at one of the many fabulous Lake Tahoe hotels where you can enjoy the fireworks that happen on the 4th of July weekend.

The summer at Lake Tahoe is full of events, you will find  tents all around the resort where you can buy crafted souvenirs to take home to remind you of your great vacation to the area. The 4th of July doesn’t only bring fireworks but a diversity of bands that participate in the Lake Tahoe Summer Concert Series and giant parties that everyone can take part of. As a relaxation period between the parties you can also admire the collection of classic cars at Hot August Nights or even participate in it. If you wish to take part in the classic car event then your car must be from 1972 or older and there’s a 50$ registration fee to enter the competition.

Artistic Events

The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival is  a great way to relax for those that don’t want to party too much and have a calm quiet time with the family or simply calm down after a busy day. The festival also offers various adaptations of Shakespeare plays for children that are performed at Sand Harbor.

Lake Tahoe also hosts the Concours d elegance and Wooden Boat Week, an event managed by the Tahoe Yacht club that was started in 1972. Each year the money made in that event goes to charity that helps provide opportunities for enhancing maritime skills in the Tahoe area. This event attracts thousands of model boat enthusiasts from all around the world every year.

Other Action Packed Activities

If you’re more into action than relaxation the summer also brings the Great Lake Tahoe Bike Race where you get to race with hundreds of other eager cyclists, this event also gets particularly busy and attracts people from all over. The resort also has a number orcelebrity golfing tournaments that can be enjoyed by golfing fans.