The huge region of Lake Tahoe is split into regions by its geographical location in relation to the lake. You have the North, east, west and south shores respectively. Every region in the area has a number of great Lake Tahoe hotels where visitors can stay in comfort. For the more independent vacationers then there are also Tahoe rental properties dotted throughout the regions of the lake that can be rented at competitive rates. For the outdoor minded or those looking for a stay that is closer to nature, then renting a Tahoe log cabin may be more there thing.

Regardless on the type of accommodation you choose to stay in whilst enjoying your trip to the region you will be able to find something to do no matter which area of Lake Tahoe you are visiting. Below are some of the highlights that are available within the west shore region of Lake Tahoe.

Highlights of the West Shore

D L Bliss State Park

Located on highway 89 between Emerald Bay and Meeks Bay, you will find an adequately sized camping area (consider making a reservation), long sandy beach, fire pits, picnic tables and adequate parking. Parking throughout the day is free however there are beach fees and other fees may be applicable depending on the time of year.

Tahoma California

This area is the ideal base camp for skiing bums that are trying to hitch a lift to the Homewood skiing resort. If you are visiting during the summer then you can enjoy swimming in the lake or enjoy some great hiking at the wonderful Homewood recreational area.

Sunnyside California

This is a fantastic area to get your hands on a lakeside Tahoe rental property, the area has very little traffic but has plenty of sunshine. To really experience everything that Sunnyside has to offer whilst camping, you can try the William Kent camp site or the Kaspian recreational area which is also a fantastic camping spot.