Being impressed by the fact that the restaurant is housed in an original 1940’s dinner an it’s “comfort food with an attitude “appearance,Guy Fieri the host from Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” decided to visit the Jax at the Tracks diner from Truckee .The show presents diners all over the country that stand out from the ordinary ones and offer a more unique approach to food than the regular diner.

Filming the Show at Truckee

Even though the show might be giving the impression that it was filmed on the spot, the shooting actually lasted 3 days.

Because of the large number of staff during the shoot the diner was only opened on a limited basis so that they could properly receive all the people that were going to work on the production. While the first day consisted of still shots, the second day focused on the food that was specific to Jax at the Tracks, meaning their famous Kobe meatloaf, Maryland Crab Cake Eggs Benedict and delicious homemade pulled pork sandwiches. Besides the actual stuff they also had to find space for the film and audio equipment that came with the crew.

The last day was reserved for clients and fiery interviewed them about the food and the atmosphere in the diner.

Famous For Classic Recipes

One of the most impressive things about Jax at the Tracks remained their original approach on a 1940’s diner and their classic food recipes.

After Jax at the Tracks, Guy Fieri’s next “target” was Brickelltown’s Burger Me. He was impressed with the small business and the fact that they used only natural products. The shoot lasted two days and had about 15 hours of recording that was cut to only 10 minutes. Fieri announced that his favorites were the Truckee Train Wreck and the Italian Stallion Special.