In case the name didn’t give it away, when you visit Lake Tahoe you’re going to find a lake, a real big lake. Surprised?  Probably not but this Lake isn’t like any other lake that your likely to see in your life. Lake Tahoe is one of the largest alpine lakes with beautiful crystal clear waters that you can splash around in as well as a plethora of other water based activities.

Jet skis or paddle boarding

You simply cannot visit Lake Tahoe without enjoying some of the water activities; I mean let’s face it who doesn’t love jumping into a cool refreshing lake while the sun is shining.  While you’re at Lake Tahoe you can try your hand at water skiing, jet skiing or maybe a little bit of wakeboarding. Grab yourself a paddle boarding lesson and learn to glide along the lakes water with style and grace.

All things boat

Want to enjoy the lake without getting wet? Then why not jump in a canoe or kayak and take a leisurely paddle across the lake. You can even enjoy a cruise on Lake Tahoe’s paddle wheeler boat whilst enjoying a drink and taking in all of the amazing scenery. If this doesn’t sound exhilarating enough for you then you could always head on over to zephyr cove where you can hire a speed boat and zip across the lake at breakneck speeds.


For those looking for a more relaxed way of enjoying the waters of the lake there is fishing, with a clear visibility of up to 75 feet below the lakes surface you will be able to see the fish you are trying to catch. The lake is home to a variety of different fish and if you listen to the stories of the locals you may even see the Tahoe Tessie, believed to be a dinosaur that swims the depths of the lake.

Regardless of how you enjoy the water at Lake Tahoe, why not finish your day on the water at one of the fine Lake Tahoe beaches where you can grab yourself a bite to eat and an ice cold drink.