Lake Tahoe is an amazing place for both experienced and novice fishermen.

For experienced anglers a wide variety of fish are available to be caught such as the mackinaw trout, the rainbow trout, the brown trout, the brook trout, the golden trout and the kokanee salmon. The most recommended, if you’re looking for a relaxing day without looking for any adventures consisting of long paths, or if you’re a novice angler would probably be the kokanee salmon, the rainbow trout and the brown trout since they’re the most widespread of them all.

If you’re looking to catch one of those you should make a trip to the Stampede, Tahoe, Donner or Boca Lake where you can find the kokanee salmon. You will find the rainbow trout and brown trout in most   roadside waters and backcountry lakes. If you decide to go to the backcountry lakes you can also try looking for the brook and golden trout. The golden trout are less accessible than the brook trout as it’s usually found in lakes that are harder to reach and therefore many anglers decide it’s not worth going for them. That’s why it’s recommended, if you want to have a little fun besides relaxing, to try your hand at finding and catching a golden trout so that you will be able to be able to stand out with an achievement that others might nothave.

The Famous Mackinaw trout

Probably the most highly soughtafter catch is the Mackinaw trout that can grow to over 20 pounds. Nevertheless, unless you are already experienced, it’s recommended you get a guide before going after such a big fish until you get the hang of it. The Mackinaw trout is not an easy catch and it requires more than just luck. As previously mentioned, a guide is strongly recommended but also a boat and special equipment in order to increase your chance of catchingit.

Best Places for Lure Fishing

Lake Tahoe also contains many enjoyable places for those that prefer to use the artificial lure, such as the selection of Wild Trout that can be found in the Truckee River and Martis Lake. As fly-fishing has achieved a noticeable growth in popularity it’s more than likely that you will find a friendlycommunity and youcan even easily turn your trip into a fun family vacation where all the members can partake.

Fishing out of a boat or a float tube is not only allowed but actually suggested in some cases, especially in the backcountry where it’s beneficial if you want to catch fish that are less accessiblefrom shore.

In conclusion Lake Tahoe is a perfect place for both a beginner fisherman and an experienced one. Even if you have never held a fishing rodin your life you can easily find guides that can show you the basics and teach you how to catch your first fish. Whether you’re looking for an adventure and a trophy worthy catchor you’re simply looking for a relaxing time at the lake you can easilyfind itat Lake Tahoe’s diverse fishing locations with large variety of beautiful species of fish that you can catch.