Make Memories

When you are seeking a way to get out and enjoy the beautiful landscape and backdrops, Lake Tahoe certainly has many of the natural amenities you will love. From evergreens, Douglas Firs and clear waters all year round, there is a wonderful place beaming with natural life that cannot be found anywhere else. This is the perfect place for pictures to be taken and memories to be made in the outdoors

The Best Time for Pictures

There is always the notion that snow will come to the Tahoe area by late October. To risk waiting any time after that to take pictures of the beautiful landscape would be risking getting photos with a lot of white backdrops in them. Any time after the middle of November and autumn changes will not be available.

Lake Spooner

Lake Spooner offers a great location for country cabin camping, cross country skiing and other activities that can be done outdoors. This is a wonderful time to get to know Flume Trail and indulge in other trails and places in nature that will consume your senses. Located near Interstate 20, there is accessibility that will lead you to vacation excitement.

Lake Fallen Leaf

You will miss Lake Fallen Leaf if you are not careful. Nestled a half mile up from Camp Richardson is the road that leads to Fallen Leaf Lake. This area can be overshadowed by the popularity of Lake Tahoe but campers know of the great times to be had at Lake Fallen Leaf. Enter the campground and follow the sign that says “Day Visitors” to find parking. Once you park just follow the walk to the beach and yes pets are welcome!

Emerald Bay

Right off Hwy. 89 is Emerald Bay where you can see the amazing structure known as Vikingsholm. This building was built by hand and is still one of the greatest architectural feats in America with its fabulous design and hand crafted features. It still brings plenty of visitors to the Tahoe Region. People come from far and wide to see the home of Ms. Lora Josephine Knight and take pictures of the stunning home. Along the drive to Vikingsholm, you will be able to take amazing pictures of the beautiful changing leaves especially during the autumn months that will make great keep sake photos for years to come.

Hope Valley

You want to make sure that you bring your camera to snap up wonderful pictures of Hope Valley. Located on the south of Hwy. 88 and 89 in Alpine County, this is a great place to slow down and take the time to enjoy the wonderful scenery with family and friends or even a solitary trip. You will revel in the slower pace of Hope Valley and love the moments of small community life.