Winter in Lake Tahoe, whilst the rain is falling in San Francisco bay the south shore of Lake Tahoe starts to take the shape of a winter wonderland. As the snow begins to fall on the High Sierra Mountains of the region, hundreds of snowboarders begin their descent on the region to make the most of the powdered snow on the slopes.  Whilst many other holiday destinations begin to close down for the winter Lake Tahoe is the exact opposite. In fact Lake Tahoe comes alive during the winter thanks to the world class ski resorts and other winter orientated activities that it has on offer.

Winter Activities

With the perfect snowfalls and powdered slopes Lake Tahoe in the winter is ideal for skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, tubing and sledding.  But it’s not just these obvious winter sports activities that attract visitors to the region during the winter months. Have you ever heard of human sled bowling? I bet you haven’t, well this unique lake Tahoe activity involves sculpting bowling pins out of fresh snow and placing them at the bottom of a hill, once the snowy pins are all lined up and ready you take to the top of the hill jump in your sled and then ride down the hill and aim for the pins, sounds like fun doesn’t it? You bet it is. As well as this you can enjoy some of the greatest snowball fights you will ever have thanks to the pristine powdered snow that falls throughout the winter at Lake Tahoe.

As you can see there is plenty to see and do in Lake Tahoe even during the winter, after a hard day on the slopes you can retreat back to the warmth of your Lake Tahoe hotel. Then why not hit the town and enjoy a drink or two in front of an open fireplace at one of the many fabulous lounges or bars.

Remember: a flask is not a replacement for a parka. Bundle up!