The sheer amount of fantastic wedding venues that are located within the Lake Tahoe area could take you an entire week to see them all. Don’t let this amazing choice get in the way of picking a Lake Tahoe wedding venue for your big day, you should take the time to visit some of the communities in the area so you have a feel for what type of venue you would like for your wedding. What follows is a guide to what is available to you when planning a Lake Tahoe wedding.

Wedding Merchants

Finding the right wedding merchant or planner will be what makes the difference between a good wedding and a fantastic wedding. Thankfully there is an amazing selection of wedding merchants in Lake Tahoe, so whether you are planning a huge wedding or something much less extravagant and lower key, then one of the many merchants in Lake Tahoe will have you covered. Make sure you visit a wide selection of merchants or planners in the area before making your decision and don’t be afraid to haggle on prices.

Choosing a Venue

The venue for your wedding and your wedding reception is quite possibly the most important decision that you will have to make. There is an extensive number of venues for weddings, both indoor and outdoor located in Lake Tahoe, all of them taking advantage of the amazing natural scenery and the energetic nightlife of the area.

Feeding Your Guests

Keeping your friends and family happy on your big day will be a lot easier if they enjoy a hearty meal. Lake Tahoe has an exhaustive list of restaurants that offer a wide range of dining choices, ideal for hosting a rehearsal dinner. Whether you are planning a casual meal, buffet or something more formal you will find a restaurant that suits your needs in Lake Tahoe. Many of the eating establishments also offer private function rooms which are perfect for wedding meals.

All Year Round Wedding

Whether you are looking to get married in the summertime or if you prefer a winter wedding Lake Tahoe is the perfect place for your wedding. Getting married in the summer then why then you can enjoy an outdoor wedding on a golden sandy beach overlooking the beauty of the lake.  Why not have your wedding in the winter, Lake Tahoe have is even more beautiful during the winter. What could be more romantic than getting married in one of the Lake Tahoe lodges in front of a roaring open fire? Enjoy warm and spicy mulled wine at your wedding reception with the beautiful backdrop of the snow covered alpine trees and mountaintop scenery.

No matter what time of year you are thinking of getting married, your Lake Tahoe wedding is sure to be a day that both you and all your guests will remember for the rest of your lives.